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Axoum Duo & Marcin Bronikowski


A new project bringing together an opera voice with 2 marimbas was created in 2008 paving the way to a productive collaboration between the marimba players Elwira Ślązak and Gabriel Collet (known as AXOUM DUO) and the opera singer, baritone Marcin Bronikowski.
Following the first joined concert, during the X Franz Schubert Music Festival at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, in December 2008, which was considered a great success, Marcin Bronikowski and Axoum Duo decided to continue working together, expanding their repertoire to include Polish, French, Spanish and Mexican composers as well as their own compositions, arranged and composed by Gabriel Collet.
The goal of the project is the development of new artistic arrangement of the natural male voice - the baritone and the deep, original sound of marimbas, an exotic instrument which still remains not fully appreciated within musical society; an instrument, whose sound is relatively close to the sound of baritone.
This project has already obtained large recognition and interest. As a result, the Artists has performed in Cracow and Sopot in Poland ("Two Theaters Festival") and XI Franz Schubert Music Festival in Warsaw in 2011. Concerts in Spain, the Radziejowice Palace close to Warsaw, in Malmö (Sweden) as well as recording of the CD are being planned as part of activities for 2011/12.

(C) 2004 by Marcin Bronikowski