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(...) I must admit that both Anna Shafajinskaia’s (Santuzza in Cav) and Marcin Bronikowski’s (Alfio/Silvio in Cav/Pag) emotionally charged performances, moved me the most (...)
Sharu Delilkan, THEATER SCENES, Auckland (NZ), 2011
(...) Marcin Bronikowski’s hotblooded Alfio gives crisp and fierce performances (...)
John Dally-Peoples, THE NATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, Wellington (NZ), 2011
(...) Marcin Bronikowski is superb in both operas.(...)
Stephen Fisher, MANAWATU STANDARD, Wellington (NZ), 2011
(...) Good, solid performance was also turned in by Marcin Bronikowski as Alfio (...)
John Corbett, THE OPERA CRITIC, Auckland (NZ), 2011
(...) Marcin Bronikowski's Alfio complement Shafajinskaia's energy. There are more shivers when Bronikowski swaggers on stage with Il cavallo scalpita.(...)
(...) Elizabeth Futral and Marcin Bronikowski captivate with their intensely lyrical duet. (...)
William Dart, NEW ZEALAND HERALD, Auckland (NZ), 2011
P. TCHAIKOVSKI - EVGENI ONEGIN, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Buenos Aires (AR)
(...) Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski made his debut in Argentina. He looks right for the part and has a strong, steady voice which he uses well. (...)
Pablo Bardin, BUENOS AIRES HERALD, Buenos Aires (AR), 2011
(...) Marcin Bronikowski as Onegin is outstanding - more than making up with the breadth of colour. (...)
Jonathan Spencer Johns, MUSICWEB, Buenos Aires (AR), 2011
 G. DONIZETTI - LA BOHÈME, Opera North, Leeds (GB)
(...) Marcin Bronikowski's vibrant and passionate Marcello (...)
Ken Bayliss, THE BOLTON NEWS, Manchester (UK), 2010
(...) Rodolfo paled by comparison with Marcin Bronikowski, a Marcello whose baritone radiated immense warmth and conviction with seemingly little effort (…)
Martin Dreyer, OPERA MAGAZINE - UK, 2010
(...) Marcello (Marcin Bronikowski) was also excellent and very well cast. Bronikowski was probably the best Marcello I'd seen, he was visibly affected by Musetta's presence, even down to his obsessive painting in act 4 (Andy Warhol style pictures pinned up all over the flat). (...)
Neal Pinder-Packard Blog, Yorkshire - England, 2010
(...) Marcin Bronikowski is show-stopping as the brash counterpart to Rodolfo. (...)
Rachel Jeffcoat, DIGYYORKSHIRE, England 2010
(...) Musetta and Marcello, the other pair of lovers, are sung by English soprano Sarah Fox and the Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski. These voices blend well and Bronikowski has a strength and sumptuous tone likely to fill the largest opera house. (...) 

Geoffrey Mogridge, THE ILKLEY GAZETTE, England 2010
(...) the painter Marcello, quite wonderfully sung and even more movingly acted by Marcin Bronikowski. (...)
Michael Tanner, SPECTATOR, England 2010
(...) Oddly, the stars of this perfromance were not Rodolfo and Mimì, but Marcello, sung by the superb Marcin Bronikowski, making an extremely impressive Opera North debut with his beautiful, rich baritone. (...)
Dominic Wells, OPERA BRITANNIA, England 2010
(...) Marcin Bronikowski as Marcello is similarly charismatic. (...)
Graham Rickson, THE ARTS DESK, England 2010
(...) The outstanding performance comes from the fine Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski who brings total authority to Marcello vocally, plus a relaxed acting style that radiates humour, sincerity and warmth. (...)
Ron Simpson, WHAT'S ON STAGE, England 2010
(...) Bronikowski, ­impishly handsome, and Fox (Musetta), exuding glamour with every note, are perhaps more perfectly matched (...)
Tim Ashley, THE GUARDIAN, England 2010
G> DONIZETTI - L'ELISIR D'AMORE, Scottish Opera, Glasgow (GB)
(...) Luckily, Marcin Bronikowski’s Belcore, offered both great comic timing and beautiful singing.  He looked faintly like the Italian Captain from Allo, Allo, strutting around like an ill-advised peacock believing himself to be supremely irresistible.(...)
Antony Lias, OPERA BRITANIA, Scottland 2009
(...) Of the other players, Marcin Bronikowski as Sergeant Belcore gave as fine a demonstration of a human cockerel as any audience could hope for. He got the mixture of bluster, pride and roguishness, which the role demands, in perfect proportion as well as demonstrating his superb commanding voice. (...)
F. MENDELSSOHN - ELIJAH (Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra), Jerusalem & Tel Aviv (IL)
(...) Polish-born baritone Marcin Bronikowski made his debut with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in this fine portrayal of Elijah. His voice is stable and rich in colors, his convincing dramatic presence thrilling the audience. His sense of tragedy, together with gorgeous vocal color, made the darkly-scored aria “It is enough” a true highlight of the performance.(...)
Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, Jerusalem 2009
(...) Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski, one of the leading, opera and concert soloists of our time, who performs regularly in the major opera houses around the world and with leading orchestras, will perform the role of Elijah. (...)
Advertisement on the website of New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, 2009
G. PUCCINI - LA BOHÈME, New Zealand Opera (NZ)
(...) Vocally the strongest performance of the evening came from Marcin Bronikowski as Marcello with his large focused voice and his easy acting style dominating each scene he was in. (...)
Michael Sinclair, OPERA CRITIC, 2008
(...) Of the other Bohemians, Marcin Bronikowski is outstanding, his voice richly resonant, his personality warm. (...)
Rodd Biss, THE LISTENER, 2008
(...) Marcin Bronikowski's experience is obvious and in his Marcello we find an  irresistibly attractive man who provides the mainstay of support for his friends in time of crisis. Together, Garcia and Bronikowski provide some of the most beautiful musical moments, particulary during their dialog in the 3rd act and the 4th act duet. (...)
Jude Ross, WELLINGTONIAN, 2008
OPERA GALA with Symphony of the Americas, Ft. Lauderdale (Florida, USA)
(...) Vocally, baritone Bronikowski was the program's most outstanding and consistent performer, ranging through comic and dramatic arias with equal ease and appealing style. (...)
Jack Zink, SUN SENTINEL, 2008
G. VERDI - UN BALLO IN MASCHERA, South Australian Opera, Adelaide (AUS)
(...) Marcin Bronikowski is outstanding... a tantalising world-class baritone (...)
THE SUNDAY MAIL, Australia, 2007
(...) As Anckarström, Marcin Bronikowski's infinitely adaptable baritone and equally good movement and gesture took the vocal and dramatic honours (...)

OPERA, London 2007
(...) The most indisputable performer from the cast was Marcin Bronikowski. In his role of dr Malatesta he has brought honour. (...)
André Peyregne, NICE MATIN, 2006
(...) The most engaged artist was dr Malatesta sung by Polsih baritone Marcin Bronikowski who deserves only the praise. (...)
YC, L'AVENIR, 2006

(...) It was Marcin Bronikowski's singing that added glamour to the opera gala. We have not heard such a baritone in Gdansk for a long time. He has got a beautiful, melodious, warm voice, wonderful musicality, good technique and meaningful gesture. It is a singer with a developed artistic personality and extra-ordinary musical intuition. Bronikowski proved to be a great performer of Mozart's lyrical style, showing the whole range of precise phrasing in his interpretation. Everything in his performance seemed to be perfectly natural. He sang in an open, well-placed voice, presenting beautiful bel canto, free from unnecessary vocal maneuvers. Wonderful! (...)

Katarzyna Chmura, GAZETA WYBORCZA, 2006

G. PUCCINI - LA BOHÉME, Crocow Opera, Cracow (PL)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski was the jewel of the performance. He delighted the audience with his beautiful voice of an interesting timbre and, above all, with the artistic truth he showed in his character - the painter Marcello. He was cheerful and sympathetic, head over heels in love and furiously jealous at the same time. His Marcello was memorable.(...)

Anna Woźniakowska, DZIENNIK POLSKI, 2005

R. LEONCAVALLO - I PAGLIACCI, Castel Opera, Szczecin (PL)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski enriched every single word, synchronizing it perfectly with appropriate gesture. He passed fluently from one register to another and phrased superbly showing great respect for each note. His beautiful baritone used with great mastery and remarkable interpretation of the part of Silvio made powerful impression in the duet Nedda! Silvio, a quest'ora?. He is simply an artist of great class and stage presence. Bravo! (...)

Wilfried Górny, MUZYKA 21, 2005

(...) Marcin Bronikowski's performance as Nedda's lover, Silvio, could be an example to other singers. The world famous baritone proved that Italian verism can be sung with crystal Mozartian phrase and regard for beautiful sounds, like in bel canto. Neither did he strain his voice nor overacted the part but he still expressed all the emotions evoked by music. Additionally, he paid greater than his colleagues attention to the libretto, Italian diction and interpretation of music.(...)

Maciej Deuar, KURIER SZCZECIŃSKI, 2005


(...) Much better performance came from men, and especially the Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski as Scindia. The artist presented strong and convincing singing not only in the dramatic part of his role but also in lyrical fragments (act IV) which he sang with a perfect soft line "sul fiato" in faultless French style (...)

Adolfo Andrighetti, ASTERISCONET.IT, 2004

(...) The part of treacherous Scindia was wonderfully sung and equally well-acted by Marcin Bronikowski (...)


CH. GOUNOD - ROMEO & JULIETTE, Music Festival, Macau (CHN)

(...) Following his successes in La Scala and Triest, the Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski presented his great vocal and acting skills in Asia, giving a perfect interpretation of the part of Mercutio (...)

Solaster, SUPEREVA.IT, 2004

G. BIZET - CARMEN, Teatro "G. VERDI", Trieste (I)

(...) Very persuasive Marcin Bronikowki as Escamillo, remarkable in couplets from the II act; audacious and self-confident like a real toreador. The artist wonderfully interpreted the part with his beautiful baritone voice (...)

Matteo Abrahmson, OPERACLICK.IT, 2004

G. DONIZETTI - LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR, Schlezwig-Holstein Music Festival, Lübeck (D)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski as Lord Ashton was very dignified, he used his beautiful baritone in a clever and truly elegant way (...)

DIE WELT, 2003

G. PUCCINI - MADAME BUTTERFLY, Teatro Principal, Mahon-Menorca (ES)

(...) The baritone, Marcin Bronikowski, good looking on the stage, nicely surprised the audience with his strong and beautiful voice, full of emotional colors and with great high notes. (...)

OPERA ACTUAL, Madrid 2003


(...) Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski is an impressive singer blessed with a fine sense of line and solid tone throughout a wide range. (...)



(...) In the Lablache role of Zarete, the baritonal Marcin Bronikowski manages the bass-baritone tessitura of the role convincingly, pouring out gorgeous tone, and packing a big emotional wallop in both his big Act II scena, his outburst in the finale, as well as in the scenes of conflicted emotion and anguish with his son (...)


(...) Among the singers one should distinguish Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski whose voice and interpretation is far better than the other singers'. I can easily say that it's worth to buy the CD if only to listen to his dark, husky voice (...)

IRA SIFF, 2002

G. MAHLER - DAS LIED VON DER ERDE (Tapiola Simfonietta), Espoo (FIN)

(...) The Polish power figure, Marcin Bronikowski, who has an amazing vocal range brought a new, strong aspect into his intensive interpretation and performed the songs in the way Mahler himself would probably wish. (...)


P. TCHAIKOVSKI - EVGENI ONEGIN, Bolshoi Theater, Moscow (RU)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski (Onegin) has a very beautiful voice - dark, sturdy and very expressive (...)

RUSSIAN NEWS, Moscow 2002


(...) Great charismatic debut of young Polish baritone, Marcin Bronikowski on the stage of Covent Garden in London (...)

BBC, 2000


(...) Baritone Marcin Bronikowski has added light and shade and precise phrasing to that wonderful voice. (...)

THE EXAMINER, Dublin 1998


(...) The baritone Bronikowski is musically a very intelligent artist, but above all a singer with an extremely beautiful voice. (...)

EL CORREO, Bilbao 1998


(...) Only the baritone Marcin Bronikowski and the Diva Edita Gruberova were stars of the evening. Young artist Bronikowski, who possesses a wonderful music intuition, sang with a beautiful, mature and sonorous voice and amazing phrase. (...)

EL CORREO, Bilbao 1997

G. BIZET - CARMEN, Macau Music Festival (CHN)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski is convincing and noble Escamillo and he sings with a strong voice of amazing color. (...)

Sergio Segalini, OPERA INTERNATIONAL, Paris1997

G. BIZET - CARMEN, National Opera, Warsaw (PL)

(...) The hero of the evening was Marcin Bronikowski (Escamillo). He sang the Toreador aria with vigor and power, which ignited the stage. His rhythmic precision and gallant interpretation of the text won the audience over and he received an ecstatic ovation. (...)

WARSAW VOICE, Warsaw 1995

W. A. MOZART - DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE, Quincena Musical Festival, San Sebastian (ES)

(...) Marcin Bronikowski's Papageno was sung with a beautiful color of his voice and acted with perfect dramatic power. (...)

EL DIARIO VASCO, San Sebastian 1995

(...) Principal role in this performance is Papageno, performed by Marcin Bronikowski. We already know his amazing musicality, his beautiful and warm voice, good vocal technic, but now the Polish baritone shows his wonderful acting possibilities and he largely dominates the stage. (...)

EL MUNDO, Madrid 1995

G. ROSSINI - LA CENERENTOLA, Nico Malan Opera House, Cape Town (RSA)

(...) Paradoxically, however it is not Prince Ramiro but his valet Dandini (Marcin Bronikowski) who steals the show, singing with enviable agility, as every gesture is synchronized with the music. He is very professional, very polished and very amusing. For a long time we haven't heard in Cape Town such a beautiful baritone (...)

CAPE TIMES, Cape Town 1995

(...) The show stealer proved to be the young Polish baritone Marcin Bronikowski (Dandini), whose fine voice and equally fine acting ensured that attention immediately focused on him whenever he was on the stage. His puckish performance was irresistible.

OPERA, London 1995


(...) Marcin Bronikowski's tone has an especially beautiful quality. He is an assured artist. (...)

SOUTH WALES ECHO, Cardiff 1993

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